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Dog Harnesses

Our Harnesses are completely hand built, and feature strong nylon webbing inside the soft, high quality, cotton fabric.  Box stitching gives our harness extra strength.  An adjustable slide allows for a secure fit.  Consider not only weight but rib measurement when ordering a harness.  Our stock sizes will fit most dogs but if you have a question about fit or sizing, please email or call before ordering.    Rib Measurement is the measurement around the ribs of your dog.  Custom sizing is available.

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Teacup Dog Harness ($19)
     up to 3 lbs., rib measure 10.5" to 12"
Fabric Style
Teacup Plus Dog Harness ($20)
     3 - 5 lbs., rib measure 11.5" to 13.5"
Fabric Style
Toy Dog Harness ($21)
     5 -7 lbs., rib measure 13" to 15"
Fabric Style
Toy Plus Dog Harness ($22)
     7 - 9 lbs., rib measure 14.5" to 16.5"
Fabric Style
Small Dog Harness ($23)
     9 - 12 lbs., rib measure 16" to 18"
Fabric Style
Small Plus Dog Harness ($24)
     12 - 15 lbs., rib measure 17" to 20"
Fabric Style
Medium Dog Harness ($25)
     15 - 21 lbs., rib measure 19.5" to 24.5"
Fabric Style
Medium Plus Dog Harness ($26)
     24 to 29 lbs., rib measure 24" to 29"
Fabric Style
Larger Sizes - Please call or email for prices

 View Fabric Swatches

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